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By Laws (Continued)

Article II

Living The Dream Corvette Club Founded August 2010

SECTION 1       Membership:
Full Membership

Any person owning or leasing an operable Chevrolet Corvette automobile shall be eligible for full / voting membership in this organization. If any member should sell his or her Corvette while a member of this organization, said person will have six (6) months from the date of sale of said Corvette to purchase or lease another Corvette. In the interim, it shall be presumed that the member intends to purchase or lease another Corvette. In such case, the member shall provide proof of purchase or lease to the Secretary of the Club prior to the expiration of the six (6) month period in order to remain a full / voting active member. lf a full member does not obtain another corvette, he/she shall be able to apply as an associate member of the club.

Prospective members may attend events with the club for two(2) or three(3) events and must then decide as to whether or not to become a full, or associate member of the club.

All members shall receive a membership packet consisting of a copy of LTDCC Rules & Bylaws, Club roster sheet, and/or other club paraphernalia with Club logo.

All membership terms with Living The Dream Corvette Club are for a period of one (1) year.

Associate Memberships
Any individual who demonstrates they are an enthusiast of the Corvette and the mission of this organization may become a non-voting member of the Clu

Honorary Membership
An individual who through their actions has shown to be an outstanding citizen.

SECTION 2       Membership Application Process:

Any person wishing to join the Living the Dream Corvette Club shall submit a completed application to, any member of the club, Secretary, along with an application fee of $125.00. The Secretary will contact the applicant at which time an interview will be scheduled with three (3) members of the Club,consisting of an officer of the Club and two (2) general members. Applicant will be notified of the date, time and location by the Secretary for the interview process. Applicant will be interviewed and his/her Corvette will be inspected as part of the membership process. Upon completion of the interview process, the applicant will be contacted within two (2) weeks of the interview as to the status of his/her acceptance into the Club. In the event that the applicant has been accepted into the Club, the applicant will pay a $125.00 application fee prior to or at the next scheduled Club meeting at which time he/she will receive their membership packet.

If an individual is rejected, they will be refunded $25.00 of the application fee and may re-apply for membership after six(6) months.

An individual may withdraw their application at any time prior to the interview process.

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