corvette club

By Laws (Continued)

Article III

Living The Dream Corvette Club Founded August 2010

SECTION 1       Membership Dues:
Full Membership

The annual dues for each member of this Club shall be established each year and voted upon by Club members. Annual dues will be due on September 1 st each year and must be paid by October 31st of each year. The membership dues shall include the club dues and affiliation with a national organization. A new member's dues will be prorated for the year if membership begins after February 29th. A member is delinquent in their annual dues after November 30th and a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed on the member until February 29th. After February 29th, full membership to the club will be suspended and the member must re-apply for membership and pay the application fee, late fee and the current year's dues. Prior to a members suspension, the Secretary will notify the member of the pending suspension in writing and the member is to respond within ten (10) days from receipt of the notification. A member may pay one-half of a member's membership dues if the individual is having financial difficulty prior to suspension.


The initial application fee of $125.00 for new applicants should not be confused with the applicant's annual dues for the year. Annual dues are determined by a vote of club members each year.


All dues paid to the Club become assets of the Club with no property rights to said dues retained by the dues-paying members. Individual members shall have no right of possession to any part of the assets of the Club.


The Club logo is the property of the Club and can only be used with the permission of the Executive Board.

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