corvette club

By Laws (Continued)

Article VIII

Living The Dream Corvette Club Founded August 2010

SECTION 1       Club Events and Activities:

The activities of the Club shall consist of planned trips, social gatherings, parades, Corvette shows, food drives, charity events, fund raisers and events for Club members. All activities shall be coordinated through the Coordinator of Activities, Planning and Charitable committees. Club members will advise the coordinator or other committees of their participation/attendance at club events and activities.

SECTION 2       Valid Driver’s Licenses/Vehicle Registration/Insurance Card:

All driver's licenses, vehicle registration and insurance card shall be valid and legal; the driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance card of all Club members particiating in Club events are subject to be examined before any and all events. If a member's driver's license vehicle registration and insurance card has been suspended or is not valid, that Club member shall inform the club verbally and in writing or other electronic means and cannot participate in events; however, the spouse of the Club member may participate in the event, assuming his or her driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance card is current and valid.

SECTION 3       Corvette Maintenance:

All Club members participating in Club events and/or activities shall be expected to keep high standards of vehicle maintenance.

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